Colors That Go With Brown Clothes

Fashion & Style columnists usually take into consideration the colors that you choose for your outfit, but did you know that colors that go with brown clothes can actually be used to complement a brown suit? It’s true, you read that right. If you want to wear an outfit that exudes a smart, casual appeal, you may want to consider trying to pair it with beige or khaki tones. These neutral hues will work great as accessories to any brown suit – even if they aren’t your favorite colors! Here’s why:

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Beige and khaki are both neutral colors, so you can mix and match them easily. These colors are almost always paired together. However, if you pair one with light blue, the other with dark blue, or even with green, you can get a stylish look that is full of energy. There are even times when light blues, beige, and khakis are perfect for a more formal occasion. That doesn’t mean you should only think about dark shades when trying to match a brown suit, however.

If you have light blue eyes, then you may want to consider choosing pinks, purples, and oranges. These types of hues will give you a warmer look, especially if you wear a pair of khaki shorts. Navy and aqua colors will also help to set off the lighter tones, while dark shades of blues, greys, and greens can be worn with almost any brown suit.

You might also want to try partnering beige and navy blue. These colors are great for fall and winter and will help you stand out in a sea of browns, tans, and blacks. You can go with just one piece of this color combo, such as a v-neck sweater with a pair of beige leggings, or add more accessories like a white vest over your sweater. You could also mix beige and aqua together. A bit of a contrast would look nice, as long as the two colors complement each other.

Another great option is to choose shades like black and burgundy. Both of these neutral shades go well with just about any brown outfit, as long as they are not too dark. Wear a black skirt with a pair of maroon pants, or add some accessories like a white shirt with some gray sweater or cardigan. Gray and burgundy tones complement each other really well, so it is easy to see why they are often paired together.

If you have light colored eyes, you can still look great in shades like navy and brown. Pair a light shade of navy with a brown blazer in a contrasting shade. This combination can make you look great in both gray and beige clothing. For a summer look, try pairing a bold blue jacket with a brown skirt. Pairing light shades of beige with bright oranges and reds gives you a funky style that is very eye-catching.

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